Current Series

7/30, 5:05 PST
Oakland (Lucas Harrell) @ Chicago (Brett Anderson)

7/31, 1:10 PST
Oakland (John Danks) @ Chicago (Dallas Braden)

8/1 1:05 PST
Oakland (Gavin Floyd) @ Chicago (Gio Gonzalez)

Previous Series:
Texas 3, Oakland 1
Oakland 3, Texas 1
Texas 7, Oakland 4


About the Blog
The name "Darn This Gold Glove" comes from TV and radio commercial the A's ran in the early 2000s. The spot features Eric Chavez taking grounders while wearing one of his Gold Glove awards. It also shows Tim Hudson playing shortstop for some reason.

About the Authors
Zack is a displaced A's fan currently living in Washington, DC.  He grew up within earshot of the Coliseum and his first memory is of Kirk Gibson's homer off Eckersley in 1988 (he still can't watch those clips).

His favorite A's player of all time is Rickey Henderson.  Charles Thomas inexplicably is second.

His least favorite A's player of all time is Terrence Long followed closely by Jason Kendall.
Adam is also a displaced A's fan currently living in Manhattan.  He grew up in San Francisco but inexplicably picked the A's as his favorite team because they beat the Giants in a spring training game he watched on TV when he was 5.

His first favorite player was Mark McGwire thanks to his 49 HR rookie season in 1987 and his favorite A's player of all-time is Tim Hudson.  His least favorite is Jason Kendall, though he really disliked Jack Hannahan last year for no reason.

He owns a 1996 A's bombers shirt (with McGwire, Berroa, Steinbach, Giambi, Brosius and Ernie Young), and has high-fived Rickey Henderson on two separate occasions.