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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cust returning, does this spell the end of Chavez?

Via Mychael Urban:

breaking news: Jack Cust just confirmed he's been promoted and will be in uniform in Anaheim on Saturday

Cust, after a very slow start, has hit well at Sacramento --- his overall line is .277/.444/.436, but has a .508 OBP in May and a .304/.495/.493 line v. RHP.  Naturally, this leads to the obvious conclusion that Cust will slide into Eric Chavez's role at the primary DH v. righties, and with Chavez sporting an anemic .247/.298/.355 line, it is a move that needs to made immediately.  Listen, we all love Eric Chavez and he's shown a hell of a lot of heart coming back from all his injuries, but picking him over Cust was the wrong move in April and the experiment has to end if the A's want to field their best team.

Justin Duchscherer is also being activated to start tonight's game in Anaheim, which means the A's have two moves to make.  With their 9 man bullpen, the obvious move is to cut that down to the normal 7, and the two obvious candidates to head back to AAA are Edwar Ramirez and Henry Rodriguez, which means the decision on what to do with Chavez won't have to come until Mark Ellis or Coco Crisp is ready to return.

Assuming Cust takes over at DH, Chavez has very little defensive value and will be primarily a left-handed pinch-hitter, and with Gabe Gross and Eric Patterson or Travis Buck on the bench, eventually he will be redundant.  This might mark the beginning of the end of the Eric Chavez era.

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