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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Game 43 Recap - Two bloops and a blast...without the blast

Oakland 6, San Francisco 1 (WPA Graph from Fangraphs)

A's Current Record: 21-22

I have to admit that Barry Zito is still one of my favorite players, if not my favorite.  When he was on Oakland, I always like Tim Hudson better, but there's something endearing about Zito's struggles since he signed in San Francisco and how much of his personality he has laid bare in the media.  I also have a large contrarian streak and when the entire Bay Area turned against him when he signed the massive contract and then struggled it made me want to see him succeed even more.

So it's always been bittersweet to see him against the A's (especially because they have absolutely owned him -- he's now 0-4 with an 8.85 ERA against them) because I like to see him pitch well and obviously want the A's to win.  So yesterday's game turned out pretty well for me --- the A's got an easy win, and Zito looked pretty decent despite what his line ended up as.

The A's got to Barry for 3 runs in the 3rd thanks to some spectacularly lucky bloop doubles (and a misplay by Andres Torres) by Cliff Pennington and Rajai Davis, which was enough for Trevor Cahill.  Cahill continued his recent solid run, walking only 1 in 6.2 innings, striking out 4 and getting a decent number of ground balls.  He's now had 4 straight decent starts, with the last two being the best he's looked all season.

3 quick observations to close:
1) Nice to have Coco Crisp back, he had a hard-hit deep double off Zito and looked good in center.
2) Santiago Casilla...what an obscure reference.
3) Brad Ziegler --- lefties were 2-2 off him, and righties were 0-4.

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